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  • Feel overwhelmed by your child’s demands & tantrums?
  • Do you lose your temper and want to understand why you react the way you do?
  • Tired of constantly nagging your children and want to create an atmosphere of cooperation & harmony?
  • Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour/performance at school?
  • Do you want to communicate with your children in a way that builds a joyful family life where each person’s unique qualities and capabilities are honoured?

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If any of this applies to you or if you are facing some of these challenges as a parent, you are not alone. I have faced the same challenges in parenting my own children, as have many other parents with whom I have worked. I would love to invite you to join me on a rewarding journey that can lead you to self-discovery, self-empowerment and deeper connection with your kids.

How we parent today directly affects how our children will parent tomorrow. My vision is to help parents transform the way they parent now so that generations to come can bring up children who understand themselves, who recognise their uniqueness and self-worth, who have a healthy self-esteem and who trust their own internal resources. These will be the generations that will care about others because they know how to care about themselves.

As a child, I remember having to be involuntarily separated from my parents. No one asked me whether I wanted to be left at kindergarten every morning. No one was interested in how I felt when I was sent away to a summer camp year after year from the age of two. Back then I felt I had no choice. I felt powerless. When I would cry as a little girl, my tears were shamed because “big girls do not cry.” When I felt angry and let my parents know about my frustration, I was told to stop the behaviour immediately as it was inappropriate and unacceptable. I felt misunderstood and lonely. I felt pain. I felt I did not matter.

As I grew up and had children of my own, I found myself making my own parenting mistakes – causing my children to experience pain. I felt that the negative parenting patterns I inherited from my own parents and previous generations were interfering with how I wanted to parent my own boys. Again, I felt powerless. I wanted to break away from this negative parenting cycle, set up a new one and send it forward to my own children, to their children and on into infinity.

As I learned to understand my children better so they felt heard. to accept my children’s feelings so they felt they mattered, to give my children more choice so they felt empowered, I realised that I was connecting with my children in a way that allowed their childhood pain to be diminished and their self-understanding, self-reliance and self-esteem to soar. When I discovered how to do these things, I no longer felt powerless. I felt empowered.

This insight was the catalyst I needed to begin working with parents. I want to empower every parent I work with in the same way. I want to empower them to connect with and help their child become the man or the woman he or she was born to become.

Although I work with different types of parents, I have found that the ones who benefit most are the ones who are not afraid to find out where they have come from and how their own upbringing is affecting their relationship with their children … who are open to seeing things from their children’s point of view … who allow themselves to make mistakes and … who believe they can and are willing to take steps to change the way they parent.

You can count on me:

  • not to tell you what kind of parent you should be, but to help you be the parent you want to be;
  • to understand that your parent-child relationship – and the situation you come to me with – is unique to your family and therefore requires a unique plan of action designed just for you;
  • to empower you with insights that help you bring up your children in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect within the family, where everyone’s opinion is heard, all the feelings are respected, and everyone is treated uniquely;
  • to help you help your children learn how to resolve conflicts, grow into independent adults and build healthy self-esteem – which are the best presents any parent can give to a child;
  • to provide you with skills that will allow you to trust yourself, without worrying about what your own parents, in-laws or anyone else might think or say about you as a parent. You will know that you are doing best for your child;
  • to empower you with positive parenting skills so you can pass them on to future generations, therefore setting in motion an infinitely positive parenting cycle;
  • to coach you to the best of my ability and to refer you to another qualified professional if I encounter something beyond what I can do for you and your family.

When you work with me, my objectives for you are:

  • to help you stop and reflect on the feelings your child’s behaviour trigger in you and why you are reacting to that behaviour the way you do;
  • to help you learn how to gently break away from negative parenting patterns passed down from previous generations and how to create loving, positive ones;
  • to help you to realise that the way you interact with your child does not impact on just you and him or her. Your interactions now will have a much more profound and far-reaching impact on generations to come;
  • to help you help your children realise their uniqueness – and help them feel their own self-worth;
  • to help you understand yourself better and realise the importance of taking better care of yourself;
  • to help you realise your own uniqueness and make it easier for you to look for it in your children.

In all of my work, I adhere to the Social Learning Theory. This means that in my work I teach parents strategies for dealing with children that will help the child’s behaviour to improve because it is appropriately reinforced through empathy, acceptance, clear boundaries and problem-solving.

Call me to discuss how I can support you. There is no charge for the initial consultation. I offer a variety of workshops and courses and support parents on a personal, one-to-one basis. Please visit my Workshops, Courses and Consultations pages for more information.

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Процессы, этапы и кризисы отношений. Или что может стать с любовью

5 ноября, 19:30-21:30 Выходя замуж или заводя детей нам кажется, что мы знаем, как быть в отношениях с этими самыми близкими людьми, потому что когда-то тоже были детьми и видели, как живет супружеская пара наших родителей. К сожалению, не всем и не всегда хочется переносить эту модель на новые и очень дорогие нам отношения.

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Агрессия. Проявлять? Выдерживать? Исключить?

7 ноября, 10:30 – 12:30 Вас пугает чужая агрессия, особенно когда ее проявляет ваш ребенок. Вам хотелось бы ее остановить, запретить или хотя бы сделать так, чтобы она “вошла в берега”. Что делать: понимать суть, останавливать, разрешать проявляться, корректировать форму? Она помогает выживать, достигать или разрушает? Агрессия и как с ней быть. Поговорим об этом на семинаре.

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Детская мотивация. Как ему захотеть, если он не хочет

7 ноября, 14:00 – 16:00 Нам родителям часто нужно, чтобы ребенок делал что-то по плану, из наших соображений или просто потому, что это необходимо. Но он не хочет. Заставить? Уговорить? Сделать так, чтобы сам захотел? Можно ли захотеть того, что, на самом деле, хочет другой? Что делать с мотивацией наших детей. И как обходиться с тем, что он не хочет вообще ничего, а нам важно, чтобы он делал как можно больше.

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What My Clients Say

I recently completed the HTT course with Anastasia and from the very first session, I came away transformed. It was so encouraging to see how positively and quickly my daughter responded to the changes in the way I said things and to my new way of dealing with situations.

Susan, mother of 2

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